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Leave social media management to us so you can tend to other aspects of your business! It’s no surprise that online growth is best utilized through social media, that’s why you can count on us to grow your online presence. Monthly packages are available for social media management. Most of us have social media on the back burner in our brains, but the reality is it is a crucial step for your brand’s identity. Don’t need the whole shabang? We offer social media assistance on an “as-need” basis. Reach out with any questions and we’ll be happy to answer them!

Social media doesn't have to be complicated

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You started your business thinking you would have all this time to be creative, focus on your zone of genius and have fun - not because you love the day-to-day business operations. But now your days fly by and you struggle to stick to deadlines and prioritise your to-do list. I’m here to help you increase your workflow and effectively manage projects. I help business owners reclaim their time, mental, and professional bandwidth by delegating, assessing their business needs, and managing projects. I am here to give you the gift of TIME. Think of me as an extra set of hands!

Level up your business with effective & personalized management 

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Virtual Assistance & Project Management

Virtual Assistance &
Project Management

User-generated content is essential for building relationships with your audience. Customers are no longer resonating with unrelatable advertisements and are becoming increasingly selective about the brands they purchase from. I am here to connect with your customers through UGC to ensure your business stays on top of trends and communicates authentically and consistently. With a background in content creation and social media management, I can create organic content and build brand awareness to reach your desired business goals. You can maintain your attention on your business while I take care of all your UGC needs. 

Building your brand image just got easier 

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Photography has always been a love of mine and it’s not often I’m seen without my camera, especially when I’m adventuring in the beautiful outdoors. Transitioning my passion for photography into a medium for professional development has been exciting and I love having the ability to upscale my client’s branding. While we love to say “don’t judge a book by its cover”, it’s not worth the risk when it comes to your brand. Your social media visuals need to match your brand’s energy. Investing in high-quality images can establish your brand’s credibility, build loyalty that separates you from your competition, and grow your community. 

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Em is super helpful with planning, organizing, and getting tasks done for me in an efficient manner. She’s the best virtual assistant I could ask for! She keeps me accountable and frees up so much of my time so I can rest or do other tasks for my business, I would highly recommend her!

She’s the best virtual assistant I could ask for! 

haley honeyman,
influencer & coach

We have booked Emily's services for a few photoshoots for clients of ours and they have all loved the photos she presented them! She is so lovely to work with, great communication, friendly, and SO talented. What more can you ask for!? We are so lucky of having the pleasure of working with Emily, and definitely plan to work with her for future projects.

Emily has an incredible eye and is amazing at her craft!


As someone who is extremely visual, I operate best when I can physically see all my tasks and deadlines in front of me. That’s why I’m sharing my productivity planner with you! And as a little bonus, I’ve added an extra page at the end of the document! Happy planning!

+ extra gratitude exercise

Daily & Weekly Productivity Planner

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